Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go Paperless

No matter how you are used to collecting assignments from students, there's probably no doubt you found an organizational system that works for you.  You'll also need to find an organizational system that works for you in the digital world. As students move to turning in hyperlinks instead of worksheets, below are a few methods to consider.   

1. Use Google Forms
Hint: This works well if students are submitting an assignment with a url (e.g. Prezi, YouTube video, Evernotes, Google docs/presentations, etc.).

HERE is an example of what you would create for your students.

HERE is an example of how the submissions would look.

2. Use Google Drive Folders
Hint: This works well if students will be using a lot of work using the Google products (Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms).  Students could also paste a url in a doc if they are creating that type of assignment.

HERE is a tutorial on how to create and share your folders.

3. Share Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets
Hint: If you aren’t planning on using Google Drive frequently with students, there is always the option for them to share a single document with you.  They will just need to hit the share button in the top right corner and invite you to the document.

4. Use AirDrop
Hint: This is a good feature if you occasionally have a student that quickly needs to share a file (e.g. Word doc, PowerPoint, etc.).  It is probably not the best option for having all students turn in assignments.  Be aware that students will be able to AirDrop with other students as well.

HERE is a tutorial on how to AirDrop.

5.  Use online assessment tools
Hint: Remember that tools like Quia, InfuseLearning, Socrative, Blackboard, Edmodo have assessment tools that also store student scores.  These can be linked from your classroom website.

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