Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting Started in a Digital Classroom

I love the excitement of teachers readying their classrooms for the new school year.  It's energizing to watch how teachers will decide to arrange the room, what will go on the walls, how they will create an environment that is both engaging and organized.

As we embark on year 2 with 1:1 in our school, it's equally interesting to watch how teachers ready their digital environments.  Your classroom web presence IS the modern chalkboard with potential for anywhere/anytime learning.  It can, however, be overwhelming to think about how to get started.  What should go on my web presence?  How can I make it more dynamic?  How should I collect work in the digital realm?  How do I establish practical boundaries for my students with these tools at their fingertips?

Here's a compilation of tips I shared with our new staff recently based on the tips and tricks our teachers have discovered.

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