Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Thank You to Students of Room 602

To the students of Mrs. Burnett,

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Today I feel hopeful for the future.  I can't thank you enough for welcoming me into your class over the past couple weeks.  Watching your expressions as you absorbed the performances of Sarah Kay, Clint Smith,  and Carvens Lissaint , and analyzed what makes a speech powerful, a message heard, an audience connect was priceless. When we began, Mrs. Burnett told you that people often doubt the ideas and messages of our youth. The past two days we were able to witness the power of your voices and that you all truly have amazing things to say.

Your willingness to think and rethink how to craft your message gives me hope that you will realize getting it right the first time isn't always a good thing.  The bravery you showed as you share deeply personal stories about your experiences with overcoming the wounds of bullying, supporting loved ones through cancer, moving on despite regrets, and seizing opportunities for success gives me hope. It gives me hope that you will be empathetic, that you will be warriors, that you will make a difference.

The questions you ask give me hope that you will bring perspective and conviction to the challenges of our world.  Jaden asked, "What's the deal with always have money for war, but not for education?" My challenge to you is to find a platform to ask that question beyond this classroom.

The wisdom you share gives me hope.  Your voices reminded us that sometimes "the biggest bully is yourself," that "luck and success aren't the same thing," that 3 words can change your life so "appreciate every minute." If you combine your wisdom about life with the kind of wisdom found in books, you can be a tremendous force for good in this world.

Thank you for sharing your voices with me.

Mrs. Wickham

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