Friday, October 31, 2014

Formative Assessment Ideas for the Classroom

Today our teachers had the option to gather together during their plan period to discuss some ideas for integrating formative assessment in the classroom.  Of course, we bribed them with some yummy Halloween treats, but the goal was to engage in conversation about practical ways to formatively assess learning. To get the conversation rolling, teachers had some time to dig into this digital flyer I created.  
Click HERE to access the flyer. 
There was so much energy throughout the day as teachers reflected on the strategies and shared new ideas for engaging students and monitoring understanding.  A tremendous amount of reflection occurred using a super simple format! 

My favorite part of the day was how much learning I did as teachers shared ideas about what works in their classrooms. 

Special Education teacher Matthew Estep told me about Pear Deck, which is a student response system similar to Infuse Learning or Socrative.  What I like is that it presents in slides and saves in your Google Drive. Genius!

Math teacher Erin Ramsey shared My Favorite No, a great way to address student misconceptions and celebrate that mistakes are okay connected with daily exit tickets. 

Science teacher Robert Marquardt shared this great graphic organizer that provides students a method to reflect on their thinking.

This was a fantastic day of collaborating and generating ideas about how to monitor student learning and adjust instruction.  Feel free to share your ideas for formative instruction in the comments section below!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting Kids to Write Well - What Works?

Last week I had the opportunity to work with our freshmen teachers to think about ways to develop writing skills in our students.  I referenced the Writing Next report to focus our efforts on research-based strategies that work with student writers and curated with some practical ideas in the classroom.  I'd love to hear what writing strategies work in your classroom!