Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Get Current: Current Events Resources for the Classroom

Bringing current events into the classroom is one powerful way to make learning relevant. Empowering our students to understand the world around them today will help them be ready to lead the world of tomorrow.  I'm sharing digital resources that make it easy to bring current events into the classroom.

Listen Current: Listen Current curates national public radio for stories that are applicable to the classroom. Stories are packaged in a lesson format with ideas for curricular connections and listening activities such as graphic organizers.

New York Times Weekly News Quiz: Each Tuesday morning the NYT publishes a weekly news quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions about the latest current events news stories.

New York Times Room for Debate: This site is one of my favorites. It's packed with contemporary issues topics that are debated by credible outside contributors. Students can read each perspective and quickly gain understanding of multiple sides of an issue.  The best part is that students can publish their own ideas in the comments section.

NewsELA: NewsELA is genius and it's not just for the ELA classroom. This site provides access to hundreds of current news articles. Each article can be adapted to five different reading levels, allowing you to better meet the needs of your students.  My favorite part is the new text set features that have collections of articles aligned to curriculum topics and texts.

The Big Picture from The Boston Globe: The Big Picture is a stunning site that catalogs the news in photos.  Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the latest news is shared through amazing photography. These pictures would be fantastic writing prompts.

Today's Front Pages by Newseum: The Newseum has an incredible digital collection of daily front pages from around the world.  Help students understand geographical perspective of many events by looking at the daily pages from various locations to see how events are covered differently in various parts of the country or world.

Newsmap: Newsmap provides a visual interactive of the daily news from around the country and the world.

Trendsmap: Trendsmap provides a visual map of the top trending Twitter hashtags, which provides a unique insight into the latest current topics.

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