About Me

Are you a go-getter seeking ideas for the classroom that will help you connect with kids, master your craft, and provide a relevant education? 

Good! That’s exactly what I try to help educators with around here. 

Launched in 2013 as a playground to connect with other educators, this blog is a place to explore best practices and reflect on what really works for kids.  I firmly believe education changes lives and shapes the world we live in, so it’s our duty to be the absolute best we can be.  This is my safe haven to learn and reflect with other educators wanting to make a difference and learn together.

So who’s behind Saraphrased?
I'm Sara Wickham and am currently based in Kansas City, Missouri, working as an Administrative Intern in the Liberty Public School District.  I’ve also worked as an Instructional Coach in grades 9 – 12 and an English Teacher in grades 7 – 12.  One of my best learning opportunities was seeking National Board Teacher Certification, and it was a pretty big celebration to achieve in 2009!  I’ve also just completed degree #3: an Education Specialist in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Will there be a 4th

When I’m not pondering how we can make school better, I love to spend time with my husband Greg, and our kids, Elsie, Sophie, and Henry.  I also have a fierce love of travel and reading, and like to dabble in things like photography and cooking.

I’m glad you are here, and I definitely want to exchange ideas.  Follow me on Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe by email!  

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